Retirement living is for those wanting to meet like-minded-people, wanting to have security and if you need it, supportive living.

Independent living units at a retirement village are called that for a reason. You are truly independent.

There is an enjoyable lifestyle to be had at a retirement village and one that most people have earned the right to enjoy throughout their adult life of working and raising a family to the best of a person’s ability.

All retirement villages have amenities. There can be swimming pools, bowling greens, tennis courts, and community clubs, perhaps with a bar.

There are often lifestyle and wellness programs tailored to the need of the person’s age group.

Each community has its own schedule, with a plethora of activities, such as yoga, tai chi, gentle movement, circuit training, walking groups, and cycling groups. If not a person’s pursuit, there are excursions.

Many retirement villages have a library, and a quiet place people can go to when needed.

Like most things in life, it is up to the person to make the most of it.

Most retirement villages are in or near thriving communities, with retail shops, and easy access to transport and medical services.

Retirement villages offer tours of their facilities and anyone who thinks it is getting lonely in the big family home, that the grass is growing too quickly and that the stairs are becoming unmanageable, and there’s nothing to do, no-one to see, and it’s getting difficult to go outside, then go and take a look.

Here’s a tour of Aveo’s Albany Creek retirement village, a southern suburb in the City of Moreton Bay in Queensland.