When we make that momentous decision to up-sticks and move to a retirement village, part of the choice we make is to secure peace and serenity as we age, surrounded by friends, family, and community. We buy into a lifestyle where there will be time to sit and smell the roses – we hope!

Of course, we do all our research, look at all the information, surf the web, and are guided by our well-meaning friends and family. And get very confused in the process! Where do you get the unbiased facts about life in a retirement village, what costs to expect, and who should you seek advice from?

And what happens if conditions change? You may be living in a wonderful village now, but…

Where do you get the unbiased facts about life in a retirement village?

We do not have a crystal ball which allows us to see what that future might hold – perhaps it is wise to take out a little reassurance by joining the RVRA?

The RVRA is a not-for-profit Volunteer Association which supports and represents residents in NSW retirement villages. It is overseen by a Board who are themselves residents of retirement villages. They have seen it all. They know the problems (and the positives).

By joining the Association, you can tap into over 30 years of collective experience and gain advice and support, access to information on your rights and obligations, the role, and responsibilities of Resident Committees, plus you can help strengthen the advocacy role of the RVRA.

The RVRA has regular meetings with government representatives and industry executives – on behalf of village residents.

Prior to and after the NSW State election in March 2023, we are discussing legislative improvements and gathering support for a Retirement Villages Ombudsman. We are also promoting opportunities with operators in the industry to provide background training for retirement village managers – ‘straight from the horse’s mouth’ you could say!

RVRA Members have full access to the Members Section of the RVRA website, a library of Information Sheets, a twice-yearly Newsletter and the Monthly Bulletin which includes topical items of retirement living interest, and access to the RVRA Members Enquiry Line which puts members with problems in touch with one of our Board members for advice.

Prospective residents can join the RVRA as an Associate Member, and change to full membership after moving in. Managers of Retirement Villages are also able to join as an Associate – this helps them to understand the needs and problems of residents in a retirement village.

Join us on our website or ring 1300 787 213 (option 2).

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