It turns out that the most popular questions put to the search engine Google are not so different to those being searched for on – so today, we’re answering some of those burning questions.


What is a retirement village? 

Watch Chris Baynes, Founder of, explain what a retirement village is below.

Why do people go into retirement living?

Once again, Chris and has the answers. See below.

What is a DMF and what is the retirement village contract?

A very popular question among those searching for retirement villages. All villages operate under the Retirement Villages Act in the state they occupy and all have to use a contract that is signed by the potential resident before they agree to move in – which includes the Deferred Management Fee or DMF.

You can hear Chris explain the DMF below.

What happens when I lose my independence? 

Another good question, and one that DCM Group tried to answer in its acclaimed five-part TV series ‘The Best 30 Years’.

The final episode was about Later Life and the prospect of Loss of Independence – it’s only 20 minutes and very insightful if you would like to watch it below.

What care and support are available at a retirement village?

It is always advisable to tour a retirement village before agreeing to move in. Anyone thinking of entering village, for themselves or a loved one, should check what care and support is available.

Chris also made this video about the support a resident receives in a retirement village below.

What is a land lease community for over 55’s?

The fastest growing seniors housing option in Australia are land lease communities.

But what are they? Chris reveals all in this video.

Are retirement villages a good financial option?

With most retirement villages close to or fully occupied, clearly many people believe they are a good retirement option.

Chris details the financial side of retirement living below.