According to the Retirement Living Council’s new report ‘Better Housing for Better Health’, released earlier this month, there are six key reasons to consider entering retirement living.


Better health

Retirement villages combine communal facilities, programs and services to improve both the physical and social wellbeing of residents. Everything from gyms and pools to allied health and social supports are available, states the report.

More social activities

More social activities

Village residents have access to a wide range of social activities. Nine in 10 residents have a social committee or program, alongside extensive community amenities, cafes and restaurants, that encourage social engagement (Miss Lucy at AdventCare’s award-winning Pavilions Blackburn Lake in Nunawading pictured).

Freedom from maintenance chores

RLC Report Better Housing for Better Health

Supplied: RLC Report Better Housing for Better Health

One of the most cherished benefits of rightsizing into a retirement village is not having the responsibility of home and garden maintenance, something that can really take a physical toll – particularly later in life.

Many residents who love to travel feel totally relaxed in the knowledge that they won’t have to come back to a long list of jobs to do in their home and garden.

Improved mental and social wellbeing 

Retirement communities provide an environment that mitigate the risk of loneliness and social isolation.

The cost

Achieving savings in energy consumption

According to the report, it is on average 48% cheaper to live in an independent living apartment at a retirement village than the median house price in the same postcode.

Achieving savings in energy consumption

Sustainability is also a key focus for village operators.