This message is brought to you by our trusted partners at Homestyle Aged Care.

Homestyle Aged Care opened its latest home, Sunset Views Manor, located in Melbourne’s booming outer Western suburb of Tarneit earlier this year.  This adds to Homestyle’s portfolio of 11 homes located in metropolitan Melbourne and the Geelong-Surf Coast region.

Sunset Views Manor is Homestyle’s second home to offer an award-winning rehabilitation program, with a fully-equipped specialist rehabilitation gym on site, with a team of qualified physiotherapists and Occupational Therapists. 

Concentric Healthcare Services tailor packages to suit each individual resident to achieve outcomes such as increased social participation, increased strength, mobility and balance, and most importantly the program is proven to decrease functional decline. Providing leading physiotherapy and allied health solutions with expertise and individualised first class care to each participating resident. 

When Resident Nellie first arrived at Sunset Views Manor at the end of April, she needed help standing up, and was unable to walk, as she had broken her neck and was wearing a neck collar.

Nellie told the physiotherapists that her main priority was being able to walk on her own again, and set this as her first goal. After a few weeks of gentle rehabilitation, Nellie was able to walk approximately 60metres with the support of her walking frame from her bedroom to the gym, with the care and encouragement of the physiotherapists.

Nellie then set her next goal on being able to get in and out of her daughter’s car, so that she was able to spend time out in the community.  Nellie reached this goal and is now able to get in and out of cars, with the help of one person, and is now walking around without a collar or physio supervision. Nellie also enjoys walking to the gym and using the bike in her own time while listening to the music of her choice.

It has been inspiring to see Nellie’s progress, as well as the developments in her independence and confidence through improvement in her mobility.  

The Sunset Views Manor Rehabilitation Centre is also open to the public to book via appointment and is offered as an additional service to residents with a choice of wellness packages available. 

Homestyle has plans to open up more Concentric fully serviced Gyms in our other homes in the following years.