Ethel has been a resident at Bolton Clarke’s Fairview Retirement Village at Pinjarra Hills, 167km southwest of Brisbane’s CBD, for the past 22 years.

She met her late husband Lloyd when they crossed paths during World War Two and eventually both worked for Brisbane’s Cash and Carry stores.

“We went out together once before he went to war – I was 17 and he was 19 – and we would correspond all the time,” said Ethel.

“When Lloyd came back from the war, we got engaged and were married in 1946.”

The couple had three children and settled in Toowong, close to the city centre.

“We bought a block of land in west Toowong and built our home that we stayed in for 45 years on Kapunda Street. In those days, the whole street were friends and we all had young kids so they would all play together, and it was lovely.

“We stayed there until Lloyd was 80 and I was 78, but that’s when we decided we needed to downsize and that’s how we ended up here in Fairview 22 years ago!

“We moved in here thinking it was where we would spend the last five years of our lives but Lloyd ended up living until he was 95 and I’m still here.

“It was the best move we ever made and we have both really enjoyed our time here.”

A reminder of the great community that retirement villages can offer.