What is life in a retirement village really like? The Village Manager might say everything you want to hear but what do actual residents think?

RetireAustralia asked two sisters Del and Evon, who reside in the provider’s Wellington Manor Retirement Village, in Birkdale, a coastal locality in the City of Redlands, just outside of Brisbane, to answer questions about moving into a retirement village and what life it brings.

They were asked about their initial thoughts of living in a retirement village, and how their families reacted when told they were them moving into Wellington Manor Retirement Village.

They also responded to questions about the experience of selling, downsizing and moving; good and bad what has surprised them about living in a retirement village, the financial aspects of living in a retirement village, why had they not decided to move into something smaller rather than a retirement village, how safe they feel at Wellington Manor, and how easy is it to make friends.

Finally, the sisters were asked if there are too many rules, are retirement villages just for extroverts, if they have or can have a pet, whether people can be pushy and nosy and if people can stay with you.

To see Del and Evon’s responses, click here