Retirement village managers really are the oil that keeps a village running. If you think about it, a village is not unlike a hotel, but the stays are much longer. Instead of a few days it is five, 10 and even 20 years.

Throughout this extended stay, your retirement village manager is with you. They’ll be there not only to run the village, but to be your support person, your social coordinator, and your advocate.

There really is no limit to the ways a great manager can improve your life!

In this article, we will explore what it is retirement village managers do day to day. We’ll also touch on how a great village manager helps you have a great retirement.


The role of the retirement village manager

A retirement village manager controls the day-to-day operations of a retirement village. They provide a range of accommodation, personal care services, and social activities for the use and enjoyment of residents. Villager managers also run budgets and organise the sale of village homes.

On top of this, a village manager often gets involved in social activities which can be extensive.

As a result, the role attracts social and caring individuals, or people people. It’s not uncommon for managers to provide support for residents dealing with health issues or going through hard times.


A jack of all trades

The village manager is the legal representative of the owner/operator of a village. This means they’re responsible for the well-being of residents as well as running the business side of things.

Not surprisingly, there is usually a wide range of people who bring a wide range of skills to help. Even so, most village managers work extended hours and are often on-call to support residents or if there’s an emergency.


Your retirement village manager and you

We always advise you to meet the retirement village manager before joining a village. This is because they really are the captain of the ship. This doesn’t mean you have to report to them, but they are the base for a successful community.

When you meet the village manager you should get the feeling that they are a strong leader, one who naturally wants to help you age well.