Jean Miller (left with her friend of 50 years Del Wood) was only 61 when she and her husband Reg moved into Carinity Wishart Gardens retirement village in the suburb, 14km southeast of Brisbane’s CBD, 28 years ago.

She said it was one of the best decisions she had ever made.

“I’ve never for one moment regretted making this village my home,” Jean said.

“My advice to any couples considering retirement living, is to make the move, if possible, when you are still relatively fit and healthy, so you have time to enjoy this stage of your life together.

“The great thing about the village here at Wishart Gardens is that it is co-located with an aged care community. This was such a blessing when my husband Reg needed full-time support towards the end of his life. He simply transferred over to aged care, and I could walk over and visit him every day.

“With Reg now gone and my children living far away, this retirement community means the world to me.

“I only need to step out my front door and I am surrounded by the support of friends and wonderful neighbours. For that, I am truly grateful.”

Jean has now been reunited with Del Wood, who moved into the same village with her husband Basil in October last year. Jean and Del first met in a local choir before eventually becoming part of the Christian vocal trio Celebration.

Del said that Celebration began in 1985 at Salisbury Baptist Church, when Reverend Norm Weston asked if she would organise a group of women to be on call at a moment’s notice to sing at some of the services.

“It all started from there, with Jean joining us six years later when one of the original singers was unable to continue,” Del said.