The Weekly SOURCE in February reported that the over 50s land lease provider had signed a three-year deal with the charity that runs a program that empowers and challenges young people to think differently and pursue their limitless potential.

Residents from GemLife’s Tweed Waters and Gold Coast resorts have been undertaking LifeChanger youth mentor training.

Once the residents have received their accreditation for working with children, they will go into schools.

“We’re hoping this will take place in July/August. Once we’ve done that, we’ll roll out the mentor training opportunities at our other resorts, starting with Highfields (Toowoomba region), and others after that,” said a GemLife spokeswoman.

LifeChanger’s school programs focus on prevention by empowering students to champion their own mental health and wellbeing.

Tailored programs create a seamless developmental pathway from Year 5 to Year 12, involving community mentors from GemLife and other partners.

GemLife Director & CEO Adrian Puljich said in February that its residents have lifetimes of experience and wisdom to offer as mentors for the foundation’s schools’ program.

“Mentoring creates real connections with young people in the extended community and I’m looking forward to GemLife being a force for positive change in the lives of our nation’s youth,” he said.