It pays to ask what really happens in a retirement village as not all have one of Australia’s best-known sopranos to entertain them. It pays even more to seek out the residents who organise such events at the village.

Music lover Judy Frazer-Jans, a resident at Aveo’s Redmond Park in Princess Hill, 3km north of Melbourne’s CBD, has organised more than 100 concerts at the vibrant and cosmopolitan community since 2012.

“I began the music series to provide a performance experience for music students from the Melbourne Conservatorium and Victorian College of the Arts,’’ Judy said.

“The original students have moved on in their professional lives, although several highly accomplished performers still return to Redmond Park because they love the atmosphere and wonderful acoustics.

“We were delighted to have Emily return for what must be her sixth or seventh performance.’’

Emily (right) with pianist Deviani Segal (left) and Judy Frazer-Jans.

Emily said afterwards it is always a genuine pleasure to entertain the appreciative audience at Redmond Park.

“The room is beautiful and the piano first-class, I love coming back,’’ she said.

“It’s a lovely thing to be able to give back to an audience of people who have enjoyed and supported good music all their lives.’’ 

She performed a selection of opera and musical theatre favourites accompanied by pianist Deviani Segal.