A new group of teenagers and seniors who live in a retirement village will join forces for a feel-good intergenerational experience.

This is the second series of Old People’s Home for Teenagers, and the teenagers will spend six weeks with the residents.

Across six episodes, the series is narrated by Annabel Crabb.

The first series showed the joy it gave the residents: remember not everyone is fully mobile and never gets a daily visit from a family member or close friend.

Although the residents live in close proximity, they speak about being lonely, feeling isolated and suffering signs of depression.

The teenagers are at that age when they too are navigating a difficult time of life, as they struggle to develop their independence and self-worth.

Together they will participate in a series of activities to learn more about each other, challenge the way they think, and break down ageist beliefs in both groups.

The hope is that this experiment will find a way to keep the elderly active, become more connected to their local communities, have a deeper self-worth and regain a sense of purpose and in turn, encourage our teenagers to be more resilient, confident and form genuine friendships within their own age bracket and beyond.

Old People’s Home for Teenagers is produced by Endemol Shine Australia and narrated by Annabel Crabb.

Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2De2Srv26Z0

If you’re looking for retirement villages, you can find them more easily at villages.com.au.