A recent survey of 3,700 American adults about their retirement plans by US investment firm Merrill has revealed people’s top priorities for retirement – and delivered some interesting insights.

The eight things people most wanted to do in retirement were:

  • Get or stay healthy: 83%
  • Relax: 72%
  • Connect with family: 58%
  • Have fun: 57%
  • Make or expand social connections: 56%
  • Learn: 47%
  • Grow spiritually: 43%
  • Give back: 41%

Rather than viewing retirement as the finish line, nine out of ten (88%) retirees now describe it as an opportunity for new beginnings, bringing greater freedom and flexibility and often an entirely new state of mind.

This is what today’s retirement villages offer.

The Property Council of Australia’s Retirement Living Council in November last year released the Better Housing for Better Health report, which outlines the sector’s contribution to housing, healthcare and the 250,000 people who live in age-friendly communities across the nation.

“People who live in retirement communities are less lonely and less depressed than older Australians who live independently because retirement communities encourage physical well-being and social interaction – which all translates to economic benefits for governments,” Retirement Living Council Executive Director Daniel Gannon said.

The report claimed people in retirement living were”

  • 15% more physically active.
  • 41% happier, and both physically and mentally healthier.
  • Five times more socially active.
  • Twice as likely to catch up with family or friends.
  • Have reduced levels of depression and loneliness, saving governments almost $5 million in additional healthcare costs.

Keyton, Lendlease Retirement Living’s rebranded portfolio, has also released a new video which highlights what retirement living is all about. Enjoy.