It is always advisable to ask what technology is available in retirement living, be it a village or independent living units.

Ageing in place is taking on new connotations as technology redefines boundaries. Devices are being made that aid independence, safety and connectedness.

There is now a toilet seat that not only meets your everyday needs but also becomes a guardian of a person’s health. TrueLoo, created by California-based Toi Labs, has an innovative toilet seat equipped with artificial intelligence (AI) technology, enabling passive monitoring and tracking of gut health.

It makes use of advanced optical sensors to analyse urine and stool measurements, providing crucial data on conditions like dehydration, viral infections and urinary tract infections—common health problems for seniors.

TrueLoo’s intelligence goes beyond data collection. Its sophisticated biosensor system compiles this data into daily wellness reports, conveniently available on a smartphone app. For care staff, TrueLoo offers a streamlined and hygienic solution, eliminating the need for direct waste handling while delivering health insights more swiftly than traditional methods.

Remembering to take your daily medication will not be a problem as technology comes to a person’s aid. The Hero pill dispenser has been designed to ensure seniors adhere to their prescribed medication schedules with ease and precision.

Hero Health’s innovative device is built to dispense the right dosage of medications and supplements at the right time, eliminating guesswork and minimising risks. With text and audio reminders and an illuminating alert system, it’s like having a personal healthcare assistant at home. The device doesn’t just remind but also records, providing caregivers with real-time updates on medication compliance through the accompanying app.

It also simplifies the entire medication process. From organising monthly prescription refills that arrive at the person’s doorstep to allowing caregivers to remotely set medication limits and passcodes.

Even without Wi-Fi, Hero steadfastly performs, demonstrating that smart health management can be both accessible and reliable.

Many operators are concerned that residents can be lonely and there is new technology to help.

ElliQ, by Intuition Robotics from Israel, is an AI-powered companion robot engineered with the needs of seniors in mind, especially those who cherish their independence.

ElliQ takes on the role of a digital companion, engaging users in meaningful conversations and encouraging healthy social, physical and mental habits. With the ability to monitor health conditions and even initiate contact with caregivers or loved ones in case of emergencies, ElliQ is a vigilant ally, always ready to offer assistance or a friendly chat.

The original ElliQ, Version 1.0, quickly sold out in just months. Not resting on its laurels, Intuition Robotics introduced ElliQ Version 2.0, boasting a suite of upgrades – simplified tablet charging, a crisp display, superior far-field microphones and other user-centric enhancements, making interaction as smooth and natural as a conversation with an old friend.

The showerproof LiveLife Mobile Alarm can go anywhere there is available mobile network coverage knowing help is just a press of a button away. It is perfect for people who want to feel safe when out and about – not just at home.

The pendant has inbuilt sensors designed to detect unbroken falls or the kind of fall more likely to result in unconsciousness. It measures the impact, angle and speed of a fall in order to ascertain if a fall has probably occurred.

There is no need to have a mobile phone. Avoid the hassles that old-fashioned home-based alarms have with the NBN. The mobile alarm avoids voicemail and can be cycled to repeat the text and calling sequences. The new model has an improved battery life, voice clarity and range.

When the button is pressed it sends the wearer’s location on Google Maps and starts calling up to six people (can call 000). Includes an inbuilt fall detection feature with speakerphone & microphone in pendant. Alarm “talks” throughout your emergency.

LiveLife Mobile Alarm is a pendant that works with available mobile networks such as Telstra (4GX with 3G rollback). The battery lasts for four to five days and the recharge is quick.