You would be hard-pressed not to find yoga being offered in most retirement villages and residential aged care homes.

It has taken off and the benefits are plentiful. It:

  • Loosens and stretches painful muscles,
  • Reduces chronic pain,
  • Decreases stress,
  • Improves circulation,
  • Reduces stress,
  • Helps lower blood pressure,
  • Protects joints, and
  • Builds strength and balance.

Yogamigos, a mobile yoga business, knows yoga should be accessible to all people. They conduct their classes in numerous facilities, including some TriCare residences, and bring yoga to seniors nationwide.

“Our yoga classes for seniors are all about enjoyment, connection, and feeling good,” Gemma Egelton, co-founder and director of Yogamigos.

It is an ideal opportunity for residents to come together and do something physical and easy.

“If anyone feels intimidated to join, we want to assure them that they are welcome and that they will be able to take part.”