This week on The Best 30 Years TV series, we explored the challenges of loneliness as people get older, and the importance of maintaining connections with friends and community.

It’s important to maintain your happiness, passion, and friendships as you get older – loneliness, stress and sadness can weigh on your body and accelerate the aging process. With the help of our experts, we found out ways you can stay happy and healthy for longer.

We also had a look at land lease communities. Unlike traditional retirement villages, when you buy a home in a land lease community, you own the home – you simply rent the land it sits on from the company that owns the community.

To find out more about communities and land lease, watch Episode 2 of The Best 30 Years, “Pals, Pastimes, Passion and Land Lease Communities”, HERE – or simply click PLAY above.

Also, don’t forget to tune in for Episode 3 of The Best 30 Years, where we cover retirement villages. You can catch it live at 1pm Saturday, 5th November on 9GEM, or tune in after through 9NOW or our website.