As you envisage becoming an empty-nester, great ideas come to mind – the holiday you always promised yourself, the weekends away, the big overseas trip.

However, there’s always a hitch when the time arises: the dog, the cat, the lawns and the pool.

If you enter a retirement village or land lease community, then you are entering a “lock-and-leave” community and all of those potential hitches disappear.

Retirement living communities are known for being secure and safe.

To make sure someone keeps an eye on your home while you’re away, just have a word with the estate management team to let them know your travel itinerary.

You can leave your car (and motorhome or caravan if you’re not using it!) securely locked away in your garage, knowing it’ll be kept safe and sound while you’re off having fun.

The dog, the cat, the lawns and pool will all be taken care of.

How easy is that?