One of the biggest questions grandparents in retirement villages ask is: can my grandchildren stay over?

Often grandparents will move into a retirement village to be nearer their own children and their grandchildren.

Retirement villages have rules to ensure that everyone enjoys living in the community; they aren’t there to make you feel like you’re living in a prison with fewer privileges than you had in the outside world. You’ll generally find that most villages welcome both visitors who pop in for a few hours and guests who stay overnight, for a number of days or even for longer periods.

Again, it is advisable to check what the retirement village manager will allow before signing any contract.

But for many grandchildren the chance to stay with their grandparents can be a dream come true.

Take Jenny and Mark Everson, who reside at Aura Holdings’ The Pavilion North Kirra on QLD’s Gold Coast. Their granddaughters Allyce, 8, and Emma, 6, are from nearby Brisbane and love to stay with Nanny and Poppy during school holidays and occasional weekends.

“One of their favourite things to do is play hide and seek downstairs in the communal room. I can’t find them as the room’s so big and they just adore that,’’ Jenny says.

“They also enjoy heading down to the room to do a puzzle where there’s always a supply. They know they can’t be too rowdy.

“We have a nice routine and they are familiar with the lifestyle here. Of course, they really love the beach and ask if we’re going on a beach walk today. Our afternoons on the beach are so special.”

“These girls are real outdoor kids and I think they appreciate the change of environment they get on the Coast compared with Brisbane.

“The girls have even joined Nippers here. They like their iPads just like other kids but the lifestyle at Kirra make it easier to get them off technology and outside.’’